Managing Your Career: WLB

White Bread

Today’s post is about one of the most important topics with regard to keeping your career on the right track.  It is WLB.  Let’s see, it isn’t White Lunch Bread, nor is it Wombats, Leopards and Penguins.  WLB stands for Work, Life Balance.  Work, Life Balance is the correct measure of  career and personal life.

Many people think that their career is the end all and be all of their existence.  Those type of workers tend to burn out on the job eventually.  It is important to balance your job and time off for personal pursuits.  That is why your employer provides vacation time.

In my case, my employer provides 4 weeks of vacation time and does not allow the time to be carried over from one year to the next.  This policy ensures that I take the vacation during the year.  It is important to them that I have the proper amount of work, life balance.  I think it is a great policy.

So when you earn vacation time at your job, take it.  Use it to your advantage and allow yourself your share of work, life balance.  You will be a better employee in the long run.

David Hale

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